Saturday, February 9, 2013

Art Trade: Chuck Duke part 2

Chuck has delivered his self portrait to close the circle of this Art Trade. His genius idea of doing self portraits resulted in an awesome piece that needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate it's art. It's actually on a laminate and secured to the glass with a paper backing so it appears to be floating. I didn't totally understand when Chuck was describing his process as I was preoccupied with the piece's glory. Thank you Chuck. I love the self portrait.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Art Trade: Chuck Duke

I'm back with an Art Trade. This one took a while because of the Holidays, but also because it was a difficult one for me. When I finished my last Art Trade a coworker named Chuck Duke (Greatest name ever) saw the Trade happen and he wanted in. I asked Chuck what he wanted to do and his reply sent me off excited and nervous. He said, "Let's do self portraits and then trade." Great idea Chuck. Now how many of you have drawn yourself? It's hard right? Anyway, flash forward to now and here is my finished piece:

Markers on Bristol 14x17

Chuck is still working on his self portrait, but the great part about Art Trade is: There is no deadline. I'm tingling with anticipation. I can't wait to have a self portrait of Chuck hanging in my house. 

Next up is a coworker of my wife's. However I'm looking in your direction for the one after that Louis Jones.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Art Trade

And I'm back! With big news. Kind of.

I've come up with a pretty cool idea (yes I'm bragging). In order to have more original art in my house I've started an Art Trade. What is an Art Trade you ask? Well it's when two artists trade original art made specifically for that person.

My first choice was my coworker Niketa. She did an art piece for an animator at work and I really liked her style. I asked her if she'd be willing to trade. She agreed!

Here is the piece I did for Niketa:

Markers on Bristol 5"x14"

Here is what I received. It's awesome:

Ink, markers, fire on watercolor paper. Framed in glass. 14"x11"

Thank you Niketa for the wonderful piece. It's hanging in my office as I type this. 
This was such a rewarding experience that I'm doing it again. I'll update when the next Art Trade is complete.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Mark.

This was a piece I animated for "Ted" Marketing.... Get it "MARK"eting. Anyway, they've thrown it up on the webs so I can share now! I love that "Ted" is finally making his way to the public.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ninja Dinosaur vs. ManBull continued

Back to the drawing board for Ninja Dinosaur and ManBull. This time I was determined to get it right... until I started trying to find a place on a dinosaur for 10 arms. 10! In my infinite wisdom as an artist I managed eight arms and two legs. That adds to 10. Guns in every hand. Here is the next round:

Ninja Dinosaur r03

ManBull r05

My son the supervisor's response to this round:
"I said 10 arms Daddy."

Even after debating with him about there being no where to put 10 arms he said with his arms crossed and a half lidded expression, "10 arms Dad."
to be continued...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ninja Dinosaur vs. ManBull

Last week my four year old son tried to convince me that he had seen a horror movie. As his father I knew this was not true, however I played along to see how far he'd take his story. He proceeded to tell me all about the horror movie called "Ninja Dinosaur". It's the move where the good Ninja Dinosaur fights the evil half man half bull, or ManBull as he's called. The Ninja Dinosaur fights ManBull to protect the people. Most of the movie is them fighting. Cut to lunch that day and I start sketching because these characters sound fun. So I throw around some shapes and get excited about showing my son his creations. Here is the first pass at Ninja Dinosaur and ManBull:

Ninja Dinosaur


As a proud Dad I show these sketches to my son thinking he's going to be impressed. Nope. He has notes: 
"Daddy, they need weapons. Guns and swords and stuff."
"Oh. They're pretty cool though Dad."

At least I received one compliment. The next day I sit down and start sketching again:

Ninja Dinosaur r02
ManBull r02
ManBull r03 (My favorite so far)

And so I bring these home and show my son. He has to be impressed this time right?
"Daddy, Ninja Dinosaur has the guns... and ten arms. With a gun in each arm."
"ManBull doesn't have guns. He shoots laser balls from between his horns."
"They kind of go like this (He waves his hands over his head wiggling his stubby fingers) and make the laser ball then shoot it out. (Big explosion noise from him)."
"I like ManBull's two guns"

He's going to be a good supervisor if he already knows to end a critique with a compliment. Anyway, on Friday I had a moment to try and draw some laser balls. Not my favorite sketch yet but it's a work in progress:
ManBull r04
Now I'm expecting some notes from my son. Possibly about ManBull's snout being too big or the laser ball not being big enough. 

"Daddy, where's the Ninja Dinosaur?"

Like I said, he's going to be a good supervisor one day.
To be continued...

Baby of Frankenstein

Another challenge over at Drawaholics was to create a Baby Monster. Baby of Frankenstein came to mind. Brush Pen.