Monday, August 13, 2012

Art Trade

And I'm back! With big news. Kind of.

I've come up with a pretty cool idea (yes I'm bragging). In order to have more original art in my house I've started an Art Trade. What is an Art Trade you ask? Well it's when two artists trade original art made specifically for that person.

My first choice was my coworker Niketa. She did an art piece for an animator at work and I really liked her style. I asked her if she'd be willing to trade. She agreed!

Here is the piece I did for Niketa:

Markers on Bristol 5"x14"

Here is what I received. It's awesome:

Ink, markers, fire on watercolor paper. Framed in glass. 14"x11"

Thank you Niketa for the wonderful piece. It's hanging in my office as I type this. 
This was such a rewarding experience that I'm doing it again. I'll update when the next Art Trade is complete.