Saturday, February 9, 2013

Art Trade: Chuck Duke part 2

Chuck has delivered his self portrait to close the circle of this Art Trade. His genius idea of doing self portraits resulted in an awesome piece that needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate it's art. It's actually on a laminate and secured to the glass with a paper backing so it appears to be floating. I didn't totally understand when Chuck was describing his process as I was preoccupied with the piece's glory. Thank you Chuck. I love the self portrait.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Art Trade: Chuck Duke

I'm back with an Art Trade. This one took a while because of the Holidays, but also because it was a difficult one for me. When I finished my last Art Trade a coworker named Chuck Duke (Greatest name ever) saw the Trade happen and he wanted in. I asked Chuck what he wanted to do and his reply sent me off excited and nervous. He said, "Let's do self portraits and then trade." Great idea Chuck. Now how many of you have drawn yourself? It's hard right? Anyway, flash forward to now and here is my finished piece:

Markers on Bristol 14x17

Chuck is still working on his self portrait, but the great part about Art Trade is: There is no deadline. I'm tingling with anticipation. I can't wait to have a self portrait of Chuck hanging in my house. 

Next up is a coworker of my wife's. However I'm looking in your direction for the one after that Louis Jones.