Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 15

For those that follow this blog, don't fret. I did not fail on my New Year Resolution. I did, in fact, draw a picture every day this weekend. However, my DSL has gone the way of a High School Drop out and failed. I am making this post from wor... err... a secure location. I'm hoping to have the DSL back this week, but with a storm hitting the Bay Area I doubt AT&T will be out to do line work at the pole, in sideways rain. Something tells me they'll have bigger issues than making sure some obscure artist has internet access so he can post his silly pictures. On to the drawings.


Abraham said...

If you can't get AT&T to work on the pole, you can always get Ort...sorry, forgot where I was.

Cathie said...

Great pictures for Avery.