Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 208 - Eric AND Glen?

My first day at SIGGRAPH was awesome. I was able to see Eric Goldberg talk about how he designed Louis from "The Princess and the Frog" as well as do some drawings. Thank you Animation Mentor for putting together the amazing panel with Eric Goldberg, Aaron Hartline, Michal Makarewicz, and Carlos Baena breaking down some of their animated shots. It was fantastic. But then I strolled out of that panel and into a Disney talk where Glen Keane talked about using 2D to get appeal into 3D characters. He not only talked about it, but did some drawings as well!! THEN he showed some work from "Tangled". Just amazing. I was just stunned to see two of the masters of animation do some drawings with in an hour of each other. Just amazing. When I finally made it to my hotel room still had a ridiculous smile on my face.

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