Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 230 - Fantasy Football Draft Board

Yes, I play fantasy football. And to take it even farther I am the commissioner of a league. This league consists of guys I played Rugby with in college, college buddies, friends I've had since I was young, and my cousin. This league has been going on for NINE years now. We play fantasy football so we can get together once a year and act like we're 21 all over again. There is booze, there is shat talking, and there is a fantasy draft in there somewhere. Here is an image of this year's draft board that is drawn by hand. This year's draft falls on this coming Saturday. Wish me luck. I'm picking 13th of 16 teams. The odds are not in my favor.

Just to give you some scale on these boards. There are two boards about three feet long and two feel high. I can't wait for this Saturday.

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