Friday, December 16, 2011

Free Reel Review Night with Reel Feedback

Last night was awesome! There was a HUGE turnout at Lanesplitter's in Emeryville for Free Reel Review Night with Reel Feedback. No kidding, we reviewed more than 150 reels in four hours! The place was packed and I think I only stopped twice in the four hours only to use the restroom. The folks who came were fired up and so was The Review Board. The Review Board consisted of Hans Brekke (Founder of Reel Feedback and lead animator at Tippett Studio), Tom Gibbons (Animation Supervisor at Tippett Studio), Miko Coedel (Senior Animator at ILM), Erik Kling (Animation Supervisor at LucasFilm Animation), Pete Kelly (Lead Animator at ILM), and myself. It was amazing. It was electric. Thanks to everyone who made it possible and thank you Hans for including me in such and awesome event. Here are some pics taken by Jimmy Almeida who not only took pictures, but brought us beer too! AND he can animate!

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Morgan Loomis said...

Are beards a prerequisite for being on the review board? Looks like fun.