Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

A couple of weeks ago my sister called me and said we should go in on a gift together for our Dad. She said she'd get the presents if I made the card. Not a problem. Good deal for me. Then this last week she calls me and says, "Don't make me look stupid on the card." I told her not to worry, but she said, "I don't trust you." Well I hadn't considered doing such a thing until she brought it up. Here is the result of the card for our dear 'ol Dad:




Happy Fathers Day Dad. We love you.


Anonymous said...


jbr0wn6 said...

Thank you... anonymous.

Rally Chimp said...

Nicely done. She had it coming! By now she should know better.

Rally Chimp said...
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Chris Dub said...

Haha!! Stumbled across this and had to say...HAHAHA BEST CARD EVER!! Post the in the public eye and I guarentee you'll have every card company calling you. Sweet! AM ROCKS!

jbr0wn6 said...

Thank you Chris. I'm glad you liked the card. If you know any card companies, send 'em my way!!