Sunday, February 1, 2009

Everything Has It's Place.

My wife, whom I love greatly, is knee deep in the nesting phase of her second pregnancy (We're having a little girl in May if I haven't mentioned it!!). My wife is constantly fluttering around the house and securing the twigs and sticks that makes up a nice nest. Well this is all well and good... until I NEED something. Like my wallet, my car keys, the cord that allows me to download pictures from my camera to our computer. I love her. I know I've said that already, but I really do. Our house is looking fantastic. She even turned our garage into an art studio. What kind of artist wouldn't love THAT!! I'm just saying. I need a map, a hint, or a clue if I want to find the waffle iron. Sorry Chase, it's pancakes again. Mommy hid the waffle iron, along with your high chair, the silverware and your sippy cups. Everyday is a scavenger hunt. Which isn't such a bad thing if you're up for the adventure.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,
I know the feeling, we're having our second son in April, and my wife is a total neat freak. Congratulations on your little girl! Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come. This might mean your daughter will be the type to hide all of your stuff when she arrives! ha!

Anonymous said...


jbr0wn6 said...

Congrats to you too West! Just keep your son away from my little girl!! HA!