Saturday, October 3, 2009

Support For Dad

My father was diagnosed with jaw cancer about a month ago. Just last week he had an 13 hour surgery that removed the cancer (We find out Tuesday October 6th if all the cancer is out), along with half his jaw. He now has a new jaw made from his right fibula and some titanium. It's an amazing process performed by Dr. Fong of Kaiser Permanente, that feels like something out of the science fiction genre. Dad is doing awesome because he's unbelievably strong, undeniably stubborn, and has unflinching support from his friends and family. I asked the members of the "Brownie Support Loop", to join me in a fun way to let Dad know we're all behind him during his recovery. The people have answered my call to arms with awesome results. Thank you for the fantastic pictures and everyone feel free to add a well wish or two if you feel moved. You can send me a pic to and I'll get it posted so Tom Brown knows you're out there wishing him the best. (Please click on any image to see it larger).

Updated with more pictures 10/19:

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Cathie said...

I could not have a better family or group of friends. I am one lucky guy. Thank you Jim for putting this together and thanks to my friends and family that have made the experience very tolerable.

I love you guys
Tom Brown