Friday, March 18, 2011

Week 11 Animation - Lil' Pirates: Part 2

Here is the final product of "Lil' Pirates".

Another "Thank YOU!" goes out to Randy Link for supplying the characters. Here is the model sheet he gave me for inspiration. As you can see there are a few differences. The hat became more square, for instance. He also lost his belt after about the first drawing! HA.

And here are my thumbnails. I originally had the bit end with them in the original position and burping up shark bones, but it felt like I was trying to fit in too many gags: He hits lil' squab in the water for sinking the boat, he's scared lil' squab is eaten, he thinks HE's going to be eaten, he's confused by the giant dead shark, he's happy to see lil's squab. It just felt like it didn't need the burping gag. Besides, gas gags are easy. Don't get me wrong I love a good gas gag. "Dumb and Dumber"!! One of the best toilet scenes ever! But this time it felt like a burp gag for the sake of a burp gag. It didn't have a purpose. In "Dumb and Dumber" it served the story.


Jess Morris said...

Hahaha! Another master piece Jim! The animation is great, but better yet - the idea! How do you do the things that you do.

jbr0wn6 said...

Thanks Jess! The inspiration came from Randy's characters. I can't take full credit.