Friday, March 4, 2011

Week 9 Animation - Bruce Forgot His Car Key

This week I purchased an iPad! Yes, I know the iPad 2 came out. And Yes, it was announced practically the DAY after I bought mine. But I don't care and here's why: I flew to Boston for work for a few days and I was able to animate on the plane!! How awesome is that? So this piece was done on my iPad, on a plane, on a long trip home. Fantastic right? The app I used was "Animation HD". It is not as robust as some animation programs on home computers, but I did this on a plane! It's a little piece about emotion. Did I mention that I did this on a plane?


Brandon Perkins said...

Hey Jim. This shot is great. I love the idea of doing an animation a week. Definitely inspiring. That's great that you got an iPad and made the shot on it. I also have an iPad and part of the reason why I got it was to animate on the go. If I know the app your talking about it can be slightly limiting. You might want to check out an app called Animation Desk. I feel like it has a few features Animation Creator HD doesn't. Hope that helps and happy animating.

SF India Enduro said...

Cool! pretty sweet you did that with an ipad. did you just use your finger to draw with or a stylus of some sort?

jbr0wn6 said...

Hey Brandon, Animation Desk was the first app I tried! However I wasn't a fan of how it handles lines. It has a really fancy interface, but the practicality of the app doesn't work that well for me. Flipping drawings for example was more difficult than Animation Creator HD. And despite it's faults, AC HD is still a great app for throwing around some frames and animating on the fly.

SFIndiaEnduro, my wife found a nice little "fake" stylus pen at Target for $20. It basically has a rubber tip the size of a small child's finger on a pen and works a lot like your finger would. It's nice. However as you may know the iPad doesn't sense pressure so the thick and thin of a line is based on speed instead of pressure.

Thanks for checking in!

Jimmy Yeh said...

Wow.. never realized you could animate on an ipad. Must've been challenging since it doesn't register pressure. Was this your end-product after a 5 hour flight?

jbr0wn6 said...

This WAS the end product, but it was more like a 9 hour flight due to a stop in Salt Lake City for more gas. Seriously.